When designing your landscape, water management and lawn irrigation should be one in the same. Georgia’s water restrictions have ended the days of “set it and forget it” lawn sprinklers. Years of drought and recurring flooding have created a unique challenge for many landscape professionals. Plants and grasses of all types have a tendency to wither and die before they truly take hold in your new landscape.

It’s important to understand that newly installed plants are typically delivered from a nursery where they were grown in a controlled setting. In the nursery, these plants were planted in pots with a light soil medium designed to cut down on shipping and handling costs. This light soil medium needs to be wetted multiple times daily which utilizes a vastly different water management plan than most Georgia landscapes allow.

When planted in their permanent home, your landscape, these new plants are accustomed to everyday watering. However, Georgia’s water restrictions typically prevent daily lawn irrigation. The new plants are introduced to native soil and are expected to survive with far more infrequent watering than they are accustomed. Nurturing these plants from the nursery to a mature and hearty plant is a delicate process that requires proper water management and skilled landscape team.

Done right, these plants should be able to survive a drought period after about 18 months in the ground. These new plants need to be trained to search deep and wide to look for water. To accomplish this task, a water management plan is used to withhold water almost to the point of stress. Then, the plants receive deep watering helping your plants develop a wide and deep root base. This wide, deep base protects the plants from droughts and pests, resulting in fuller, healthier plants.

Although the deep watering premise is the same for all plant/turf types, the Grass Roots Irrigation water management process is custom designed around your specific plant type, watering needs, soil type, sun/shade exposure, gradient, etc. Every plant and every project is unique. To maximize your investment, an irrigation specialist, trained in horticulture, should be involved in your landscape installation project from sprinkler system design through ongoing sprinkler system maintenance.

You may have a meticulously manicured garden in Buckhead. Or you might enjoy a more traditional Georgia lawn in suburban Atlanta. In either case, your lawn care needs are unique and requires a custom water management and landscape development plan. Grass Roots Irrigation has built a reputation on the ability to nurture plants, grass and foliage from the nursery to beautiful, durable landscapes.

By relying on alternating periods of deep watering and near drought Grass Roots Irrigation trains your landscape to thrive throughout climate and precipitation changes. The result is a beautiful and hardy landscape you will enjoy through the seasons.

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