Ongoing Maintenance



Regular sprinkler system maintenance is the key to efficient water use and a lower monthly water bill. From day one, an irrigation technician should set and monitor your irrigation controller for the current weather pattern in order to maintain optimum watering delivery, coverage, and efficiency. Effective water management and ongoing maintenance is the key to enjoying a healthy landscape.

Most landscapers and irrigation contractors water within the mandated odd/even water restrictions to comply with Georgia water conservation efforts. Most homeowners, and many contractors, don’t understand the fact that this type of over watering is counterproductive to developing a healthy, deep-rooted and mature landscape. Turf needs 1″ of water per week. Plants need to be given 1-3″ per week. Equally important is that this amount of water should be applied in a deep yet infrequent fashion.

It’s unfortunate that 90% of all irrigation professionals could not accurately state how long it takes, and how best to apply, 1″ of water. Almost no landscapers can. However, Grass Roots Irrigation is serious about water conservation. Our sprinkler system maintenance is defined by efficient use of Georgia’s water supply.

The frequency and repetition in which you apply the necessary amount of water is critical to developing a mature landscape. Efficient sprinkler system maintenance is one of the key roles performed by your trained irrigation technician. Rely on his knowledge to enjoy your landscape, conserve water and lower your water bill.

“Set it and forget it”

Typically, an irrigation controller receives a generic program with the same schedule for every property. It’s commonly referred to as “set it and forget it” lawn watering. However, every property is unique. Every property has its own micro-climate with sunny areas, shady areas, low areas, and hillsides. It’s important that all of these details are considered when programming your controller, so the correct amount of water is applied with minimal waste. There is no one size fits all water program.

If your irrigation system is working properly, the plants in your landscape will grow tall and healthy. Regular visits will ensure any timely adjustments will be made to accommodate increased or decreased watering requirements. It’s also a great time to check proper water distribution. Ask about the Grass Roots irrigation audit if you suspect an issue or see an increase in your water bill.

Plants and trees grow, but your sprinkler system does not. Your Grass Roots Irrigation technician will notice trouble spots when he sees plants of the same species, planted at the same time, that are growing at different rates.

All this work may sound expensive. It’s not. Proper sprinkler system management controls water output. Properly controlled irrigation all but eliminates plant fatality and saves water which more than covers the cost of our services.

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