Landscape Lighting



Few items enhance the natural beauty of your landscape like landscape lighting. From hanging fixtures to in ground, low voltage lamps, landscape lighting is the perfect way to accent your landscape. From initial consultation to professional installation, Grass Roots can accent your landscape with all types of outdoor lighting.

Landscape lighting can be all about effect, drawing attention to the areas of your landscape you find interesting or beautiful. Uplighting is perfect for highlighting the aged beauty of older trees or the contrasting lines of a stone wall. To the contrary, downlighting could create dramatic shadows across the lower portions of your landscape. Varying colors can alter the mood entirely.

Of course, outdoor lighting can also contain the clever mix of beauty and utility.
Vastly different than typical outdoor floodlights, low voltage landscape lighting is an unobtrusive way to light walkways, driveways, and entryways throughout your yard. Combine the dramatic effects of illuminated stonescapes and gardens with the added safety of lighted path or step. Regardless of its intended use, Grass Roots will professionally install all of your landscape lighting.

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