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Sprinkler System & Irrigation Services

From minor sprinkler system repairs to major irrigation system installation and renovation, Grass Roots Irrigation provides the irrigation expertise and services necessary for optimum lawn care. Each landscape is unique. Our skilled technicians assess your landscape’s needs and by providing regular sprinkler system maintenance we help to sustain and promote healthy growth and maximize water conservation. Using only high quality products from recognized and reliable brands like Hunter, Rainbird and Toro, Grass Roots Irrigation provides worry-free irrigation services.

Sprinkler System & Irrigation Retrofitting

There’s a common problem with the design of many installed sprinkler systems. Your plants continually grow, but your sprinkler system remains stationary. Over time, your watering becomes less efficient. Water coverage is blocked by the growing plant material. Not only does your landscape suffer, but you waste water. Grass Roots Irrigation will completely upgrade your system, or provide needed sprinkler repair, to accommodate current and future growth of your healthy landscape.

A new sprinkler system design will incorporate optimal watering into your new or changed landscape design. Your landscape will benefit from proper irrigation, you’ll help Georgia water conservation efforts and you’ll lower your water bill by installing modern, efficient sprinklers. At Grass Roots Irrigation, water management and landscape development themes are incorporated simultaneously.

Installing Irrigation

When it comes to installing irrigation, your technician comes with an extensive knowledge of local plant material and your watering needs. Your sprinkler system is designed to sustain current, immature plants while envisioning the most efficient means of nurturing future growth. Grass Roots Irrigation custom designs your irrigation system from the ground up, because installing irrigation requires a unique blend of your current and future growth needs.

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