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Sprinkler Repair

How do you know you’re in need of sprinkler repair? Would you recognize an issue with your sprinkler system if it wasn’t spilling water out into the street?

Often times, sprinkler repair begins with minor sprinkler troubleshooting. There isn’t always a giant leak or a fountain of water flowing from your yard. Necessary sprinkler repair might first be recognized by noticing a slight increase in your water bill (Or a large jump in your water bill!). Some irrigation issues aren’t as visible as a broken sprinkler head. If the issue is underground, you may notice wet spots appearing throughout your landscape or plants or grass dying. You may not always notice it right away, but you’re sure to notice a jump in your water bill or a dead plant when it comes.

If you do notice a jump in your water bill, call Grass Roots Irrigation. Grass Roots will start with simple sprinkler troubleshooting and while we are there we can move forward to perform a total irrigation audit to show you how to save thousands of gallons of water annually. Sometimes finding the source isn’t always easy, but it is important. Even a small issue can dramatically inflate your water bill, waste water, or even ruin your landscape. Especially if your sprinkler system is set to water during “off hours” like the middle of the night. You likely wouldn’t realize you need any sprinkler repair until it was too late and the damage was done.

Sprinkler troubleshooting aside, Georgia can experience dramatic seasonal weather changes. The “set it and forget it” mentality doesn’t work the same for summer and winter in Atlanta. Your landscape’s water management requirements change throughout the year, so the irrigation timer/controller should be adjusted throughout the growing season to accommodate shifts in local climate.

Grass Roots Irrigation is happy to check your irrigation controller to accommodate seasonal watering changes. The old saying is true. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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