In an ongoing effort to conserve Georgia’s water supply and lower your water bill, Grass roots Irrigation will conduct an on-site irrigation audit. The audit, a thorough sprinkler system review, consists of recommendations for:

  • Improved water delivery – Any type of malfunction in your sprinkler system design will hinder your ability to efficiently water your landscape. The Grass Roots irrigation audit will detect obvious problems like broken sprinkler heads, cracked pipes, or even dirty lines, all of which could shorten the lifespan of your plants and inflate your water bill. However, our main goal is to identify easy modifications or slight sprinkler repair that can make enormous differences in performance and water saving characteristics.
  • Water conservation technology – Georgia experiences cyclical droughts and is struggling with ongoing water shortages. Water restrictions help, but an optimized water delivery system is key to conserving our most precious resource. The irrigation audit will identify potential sources for optimizing water delivery.
  • Potential cost savings – Water conservation is a statewide necessity, but learning how to lower your water bill is the fruit of our labor. By installing a new irrigation system, or modifying your existing sprinkler system design, to serve your landscape’s unique needs, you could see dramatic savings on your monthly water bill by reducing wasted water.

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