Grass Roots, Atlanta Irrigation

Through implementing and maintaining responsible irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems, the experienced professionals at Grass Roots, Atlanta irrigation, are committed to helping Georgians improve the state’s continual water supply shortages. From the grand homes of Buckhead to the shores of Lake Lanier , every neighborhood in and around Atlanta could benefit from a solid water management plan. Installing responsible irrigation allows you to contribute to the water solution without sacrificing the beauty of a lush, green lawn and a well designed landscape.

The water shortage problem is wide spread . Georgia, particularly in metro Atlanta, continues to experience an ever growing population while Atlanta’s aged water supply infrastructure continues in disrepair. Coupled with a finite water supply and rampant misuse of water restrictions, the present irrigation situation is dire. However, it’s not irreparable.

By installing efficient lawn sprinkler systems and educating the public about proper irrigation watering techniques, Buckhead estates, metro Atlanta suburbs, and all of Georgia will benefit from statewide water conservation. It’s time for landscape and irrigation professionals to move beyond outdated techniques. “Just get it wet” and “set it and forget it” are the mindsets that helped get Georgia into this ongoing water shortage in the first place. It’s time to move forward with gardens, yards and lawn sprinkler systems that foster water conservation and help preserve our most precious resource.

For more than a decade, Grass Roots Irrigation has promoted watering deeper, less often. Not only does this deep watering process help conserve water, a must in Atlanta, it also fosters the development of a mature, lush landscape. Use less water. Save more money. Enjoy greener, richer gardens and lawns.

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